Making It Happen Films is a video production company, that specializes in, but not limited to, Weddings + Special Event videography. Combining quality and creativity with professional experience, MIH provides custom video production for any special event.

Our goal is to capture your special moment and create a fun, emotional and breathtaking film that will last a lifetime. We create a personalized, handcrafted film for each and every one of our clients. Our 
wedding videography packages include everything from affordable, basic coverage packages to higher-end Cinematic HD. In an industry where the quality of equipment used is directly related to the outcome of the final product, MIH films is very particular about using the lastest technology in both filming and editing process. This is particularly true when it comes to HD. All though some videographers offer HD, it is often a consumer tape-based format, known as HDV. However, Making It Happen Films records HD on Canon HDSLR cameras to which we are able to add film lenses which results in spectaclar cinematography. In addition to our cameras, we also make use of various image-stabilization mechanisms from tripods to DSLR rigs, sliders and steadicams, to create smoothness & fluidity.

A well-polished video also incorporates well-mastered sound. To accomplish this Making It Happen Films uses high-quality microphones and a number of studio quality recording devices for superb audio.

We serve Florida as well as the New York Metro area and its surrounding area, but we are also available for travel outside those areas.

“I bought my first camera at the age of 20. It was a Sony Hi-8 for capturing footage of anything that intrigued my interest. City landscapes, people, places and things were some of the first things I filmed with my new found hobby. Eventually I started shooting & editing however, videography was where I found the most creativity. I would keep things interesting by trying out different angles and composing creative shoots. Shooting a wide range of video was more than just a hobby, it became my passion.”

I graduated with a Film and Video Production Degree from Full Sail University. Although I love all aspects of video production I find being behind a camera is where I can utilize the skills  I've acquired throughout the years.
My background consists of documentaries, independent short films, news coverage,music videos and event videography.

"My name is Gabriel Dumeng.

...I am a filmmaker  and I love what I do"

About me...